What is Pansinusitis?

People experiencing pansinusitis knows exactly how this type of infection affects their daily living having to deal with the irritating feeling from their nose which includes constant sneezing in public, looking sick in the eyes of most people and the feeling of just brushing your nose each time.

Many people around the world that’s been affected by pansinusitis goes directly to a drug store and buy something they think could help their situation and get the wrong treatment that could either worsen the situation and not be cured at all. Are you tired of all these? If so, then keep reading because the next few or more words might just expand your knowledge about pansinusitis and get rid of it as well.

Pansinusitis is a type of infection wherein all the air-filled spaces around the nasal cavity is infected, which results to some certain symptoms. Each of the sinuses; the maxillary sinuses, the ethmoidal sinuses, the sphenoidal sinuses and the frontal sinuses are very sensitive, and if these are all inflamed, a serious treatment is needed.

nasal sinuses pansinusitis

Types of Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis

It occurs when the air-filled cavities become swollen and inflamed, that eventually cause the building up of mucus around the nasal cavity. This happens as a result of a viral or bacterial infection affecting the upper respiratory tract.

Having this may result to difficulty of breathing through your nose in which you have to take heavy breathe through your mouth, but neither does it help the throbbing pain around your face or the feeling that the area around your face and eyes are swollen.

Having colds is the most common cause of acute sinusitis. A few other things that could trigger are through allergies or infections. These allergies might be due to an exposure of the hair of pets at home, pollen and mites from the surroundings and other possible irritants.

Chronic Sinusitis

It is quite similar to acute sinusitis. The air-filled cavities still becomes swollen and inflamed that result to the building of mucus around the nasal cavity, but the difference is no matter how many attempts you’ve tried to be treated for more or less than eight weeks, it’s still there or it might be gone for a short period of time, but comes back later on. This is due to fungal infections among patients with immune system problems.

Symptoms of Acute & Chronic Sinusitis

There are similarities on the signs and symptoms of acute or chronic sinusitis; except that, acute sinusitis could be cured by home remedies and chronic sinusitis is a way more serious one. Another symptom is the forming of thick discolored mucus either from the nose or the back of the throat.

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Other symptoms include; breathing difficulty through your nose, headache or the swollen pain all over your face, having sore throat, coughing and ear pain.

Consult the doctor immediately if any of these occurs; shortage of breathing, dizziness that affects or changes in vision, confusion, the neck becomes stiff, a very painful headache, and if you’ve tried to follow the right treatments but the condition does not respond to it.

How to Treat Pansinusitis?

Before any treatments are done, the causes should be determined first to have the right medication. Regardless of the sinusitis type, treatments are available whether it is medical treatment or remedies at home.

Antibiotics, decongestants, painkillers, allergy medicines or steroids could be the treatment depending on the prescription of the physician. Although medicines help, many still choose to resolve and treat their sinusitis with home remedies or just simply preventing it from occurring.

Home remedies include; humidifying, applying warm heat through a face towel around your face, breathing in steam vapors, sleeping more than you used to, drinking fluids, and nasal irrigation using salt water by keeping the sinuses moist in order to get rid of mucus and any other debris.

The last resort suggested is through surgery if it’s been a burden for a long period of time and if the doctor says so. Either acute or chronic sinusitis that keeps on coming back, the surgeon can widen the sinus passages to drain out the mucus removing the blockages.

Pansinusitis may be difficult to handle at times but if it’s treated right away with the appropriate medications or home remedies, then you’ll be cured in no time. One has to be responsible enough to take up the treatments regularly to have the desired result and breathe comfortably once again.


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